Project conference in TUB

Berlin Institute of Technology, Straße des 17. Juni 135
27 – 29 April 2011

During the coordination meeting, representatives of consortium had an opportunity to discuss reports and presentations, summarized information for the first project period (Oct, 2010 - Apr. 2011). The participants visited the VW automobile concern in Wolfsburg.

The representatives of PROMENG Consortium deliberated on the project work plan with representatives from TEMPUS CRIST project during the Intercoaching training on experience exchange.

European Universities (TUB, VGTU, Lessius) presented newly developed Curriculum and partly delivered them to representatives of the partner universities for the further focused research on new Modules and courses. All course will be developed and delivered till September 2011. Presented were some characteristics and analysis of disciplinary curricula  in the project subject, which existed in the partner universities. New classrooms, laboratories and ELM-Offices have been prepared.

As a result of dissemination activities, the total number of partners who have joined the project increased to 5 universities, who have signed PROMENG Plus Agreement. After a thorough check has been put on the activities of the project, the participants had an opportunity to discuss the situation in their institutions and give advice, based on their working experience.

Agenda & List of Participants (PDF)

Protocol (PDF)

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Coordination meeting

Interproject coaching

Study visit