Summary of the project

The main features aim improving of Master Programmes in Electrical Engineering according the needs of modern society of target partner countries RU, UA and UZ bringing the universities closer to changing Labour Market and European Education Area

  • allow them to stay responsive to employers’ needs
  • to ensure employability throughout professional lives of graduates.

According to the specific project objectives the following tangible Outputs and intangible Outcomes in the frames of development are planned:

  1. Review /analyse/ upgrade the current curricula in Electrical Engineering (MA) according to recent advances in the target field;
  2. Develop four new generic curricula (Applied informatics and data transmission systems;
    • CAD /CAM/CAE for Electrical Engineering;
    • Quality Engineering;
    • Environment management and Engineering)
    • five modules
      • Problem solving for Engineers;
      • Modelling of production systems;
      • Re-Engineering;
      • Audit and Certification according ISO;
      • Soft skills for Engineers) with integrated supporting infrastructure (laboratories and PC pools);
  3. Retrain academic staff in the new curricula methodologies/ train of the non academic teachers / mentors from partner enterprises;
  4. Pilot teaching /operation;
  5. Establish ELM Offices (Engineers in Labour Market) with stakeholders support.

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