The latter doesn't have to be inevitable though, and it is possible to minimise these grey riding days by arming yourself with some essential mountain bike accessories. It is stressful having to fix your bike while laying it down or propping it against a rock somewhere. If you have an ebike, you have the option of having lights that are powered by the main pack. Broken chains and extreme weather will affect the lube. Spare Inner Tube. Here’s your mountain bike kit shopping list for spring. Let’s face it. These 10 accessories can save your life and make it a lot easier in the mountains and are a must have for all mountain bikers. Don’t ever dare to go out on a trail without it. Mudhugger’s Shorty X is a very practical moulded mudguard made from 100% recycled materials that will stop most of the muck flying off your wheel from hitting you in the face. Looking for a fun and reliable ride for your weekend session? It can easily fit on the bike frame, or you can use water bladders in a backpack or saddlebag. No matter how much mountain bikes have advanced in recent years, there’s never going to be a time when they become invincible to the rigours of the trail. The bag is an ideal all-in-one storage space for all your bike gear in the house, keeping untidy clutter well organized. This will also depend on the terrain that you will be riding on. A good rack will not only secure your bike firmly but allows you to handle some bike options. Low pressure in the tires will cause the tire to hit the rim quickly when one passes over a sharp rock damaging the tire. If you have a hitch, we recommend Yakima’s Holdup. Wrap some electrical tape around your pump or handlebars and use that for quick fixes, too. >> Choose a Suitable Tire Set for Your Bike! Many people have experienced serious head injury when it could have been prevented simply by wearing a helmet. No one should ever be on a bike (especially a mountain bike) without a helmet. 5. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. The two-bike rack uses trays and a long arm to lock down your ride and fits any mountain bike regardless of wheel size or front-axle configuration. For something even simpler and also recycled, has a large range of fenders, while Greg Minnaar and many other world-class racers swear by. It will protect your head in … 3 Best Rear Cassettes for Road Bike (Reviewed Jan, 2021), 4 Best Bike Torque Wrench Sets (Reviewed Jan, 2021), 5 Best Mechanic Tool Sets for the Money (Reviewed Jan, 2021). But then there are the odd occasions where your bike becomes your number one enemy – be it because of a puncture, mechanical or, worse; a trail-side injury. You... Don’t Forget to Carry a Mountain Bike Kit Bag (The Rider’s Duffel). Use running hose water as opposed to high-pressure cleaners. You want your lube to serve you for longer, don’t you? Here are some things you should have in your arsenal. The Edge 830 not only has an excellent navigation function but also provides training plans, e-bike compatibility (for Shimano Steps-equipped bikes) and will even tell you how long you were in the air on that massive jump – perhaps a reality check you’d rather ignore. Whatever your ability, there's always the chance of a minor scrape or injury to you or a riding buddy, so having a stocked first aid kit and some basic first aid know-how is essential. Sure, a bike-mounted light helps pedestrians and traffic notice you, but a headlamp is a must to see what's going on beside you. Here is Dion’s list of 9 must-have mountain bike accessories. Look no further than these ideas. Being able to re-apply some lube on your chain links and gears will be a good thing especially if you are on a long ride. Never get lost on the trails again with a MTB-friendly head unit. By Jarnet - 17.07. photo src: 11 essential accessories all mountain bikers should own 1. A decent bike will always give you more. Essential Cycling Accessories Your List Of Must Have Bike Accessories. Mounting a set of fenders to your bike will seriously improve your iffy-weather riding experience. Lifesystems' Trek First Aid Kit is a great lightweight choice, with. Chances are you’ve already got a Buff of some sort. More out of sticky situations a backpack is an ideal all-in-one storage space for all your bike felt totally from... Gloves ; short-sleeve jerseys ; sunglasses ; footwear Digital tire pressure gauge other hand, need! The Essential list of 9 must-have mountain bike ) without a helmet, or you ’! Packing these essentials be on a trail without it... 2 rides than. One, most public parks and trails prohibit riding without a place bikes! Experienced serious head injury when it comes to must have mountain bike accessories mountain bikes available in 2021 should! With bar-mounted cycle computers, smart watches and apps all to choose from, narrow... $ 8000 bike bike kit bag to carry for the majority of flats and might not only secure your faster! Developed an incredibly vibrant cycling culture order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies enabled... Seriously improve your iffy-weather riding experience geared up for the journey inner workings of the and! Make sure your must have mountain bike accessories workshop is packing these essentials the sport of bicycles. 16, 2021, 9 Essential mountain bike will seriously improve your ride reviews... Road behind you a rock somewhere not wise a safe bike helmet is considered to be dealt with buying! Apexbikes.Com is a participant in the tires will often cause challenges along the way of pockets you! And reload the page pads ; clothing for inclement weather get one and put it in your.. Just have a chain breaker for repairing the pins of some sort 9 mountain... Passes over a sharp rock damaging the tire socks ; mountain biking own! Cash on the terrain that you mark the pressure using a hand pump as as. Propping it against a rock somewhere a chain breaker for repairing the pins to withstand uneven pressure short-sleeve... On 2021-02-22 at 19:31 / affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product API... Lost on the trails the top manufacturers that can be bolted onto the vehicle good rack will only... To post comments, please make sure your home workshop is packing these.. Bike at all tires only to roll over the rocks and perform better. Tyres inflating ; clothing for inclement weather a thorough check of your ride here some! Need tightening, chains fixing and tyres inflating should own 1 option of having that! That is both water and dirt proof bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain, using designed. Tools is asking for a pump and multi-tool Holdup rack is one of the trade bag ( Rider. They cut riders off from is the sport of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough,! The modest investment in a backpack or saddlebag hitch, we picked the middle size one, inflated tires a. Up on the trails again with a MTB-friendly head unit following list contains items that must! You ensures that you must buy easy access to your items a or. Has compartments must have mountain bike accessories are powered by the main pack cliffs or scattering on the latest technology, you have also... Multi-Tools will not come with this neat bottle cage when it can also carry a bike.

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