Could it also be freudian theory, where a fear of horses is a manifestion of a fear of your father? Glimpsed only in family photographs, there’s an unspecified darkness to the man, and to the legacy he’s imprinted. “What if…” he pauses before finishing, “…what if she becomes dangerous?”. Latest feature from Haxan Films, Court Five and Eduardo Sanchez Is Molly simply cray? This is the first baby step into the tricky, “what the hell happened/what the hell IS happening?” scenarios of the film. It's a part which demands some emotionally fraught moments. Get back to me! And once again she’s turning the pastor in way hoping that he helps her but instead he takes advantage of her even knowing she’s not right and that breaks her even more and same thing has happened once again she’s been let down by the 3 men she should been able to trust so kills pastor then the little girl to get revenge on the woman her husband was having an affair with then kills husband for what his for the end have two theories she’s walked into the woods and killed herself and no one had found as of yet ..or she still in house hiding in closet and that’s why the sister was reaching out. Alone and isolated in a centuries-old manor, she soon begins an inexorable descent into depravity. Film "Lovely Molly" is a 2012 horror film directed by Eduardo Sánchez.The film initially had a working title of The Possession but was later changed to Lovely Molly. Sep 06, 2012. New album 'Old Wow' out now. Or maybe it’s both, one exacerbating the other. Also, idk about you but I don’t think what she’s smoking is heroin cause heroin addicts don’t go off biting people, killing them, and leaving them in a bathtub on a daily… sounds like what she’s addicted to is meth, and meth makes people CRAY CRAY. Lovely Molly is een film met een fascinerend hoofdpersonage waarin nooit helemaal duidelijk wordt hoe de vork in de steel zit. But of course, he is making his presence known through Molly’s complete emotional breakdown. Find Lovely Molly at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. Like, wtf was that? I wish I had more insight. The plot follows newlyweds Molly and Tim as they move into the bride's childhood home, where painful memories soon begin to haunt Molly. A malevolent force, whether her own haunted past or some supernatural thing, 'tirelessly seeks to overwhelm her. Try Prime Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. It’s your typical wedding, although there are hints of a troubled past: Molly and her sister Hannah’s parents are both dead, and Molly and Tim immediately move into the house Molly and Hannah grew up in, despite the fact that their father met an apparently bloody end within its walls. I think Lovely is about a girl in an abusive relationship that she is trying to escape but she can't. The house’s burglar alarm goes off at random during the night, and Molly and Tim find the back door—a door Tim insists he locked—wide open. I’m going to be honest, I don’t know if I really liked it or not. And now he is going to wreck havoc on the daughter who protected Molly and ultimately murdered him. The plot follows newlyweds Molly and Tim as they move into the bride's childhood home, where painful memories soon begin to haunt Molly. 140 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn NY 11211  |  212-219-4029. The little girl’s death- I think Molly killed her in revenge for the woman cheating with her husband..Someone said it might also symbolize the death of her innocent childhood by her dad’s sexual abuse.. Great movie! Molly hears whimpers from the closet, and when she opens the closet door she sees something we never do—and she reaches her hand out to it, her fingers twitching. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. “He won’t let me,” she exhales. For not believing her? And unless she would have turned into a demon herself, she would not be able to make such a ‘demonic’ voice. She claims she’s talking to her father, whom Tim can’t see. Then you mix in an unhealthy fascination with some red haired lady and her kids, and the character of Pastor Bobby. I know! It's very eerie but it … What does Molly mean? I think the sister will became possessed also. As for the deer? Late one night, Tim finds Molly talking to herself in the kitchen. She suffered abuse at the hands of her now deceased father. The movie opens with the Molly pressing a knife to her own throat as a home video camera rolls. SEE LESS. Maybe you’re one of those movie go-ers that like tripping, confusing, “is it all in their head?” movies. Favorite Answer. I courted wee lovely Molly at the age of sixteen, But now I must leave her and serve James, my king. Jimin during his ment in the Love yourself London concert: "You're so lovely, I'm so lovely, we're so lovely!!!" Learn more. I want someone who gets it to explain it to me! Molly pulls a sheet from the dead man’s favorite arm chair after she finds it in storage, and rarely before has a simple chair seemed so ominous. It is of Irish and Latin origin, and the meaning of Molly is "star of the sea". Lovely Molly: Movies & TV. Learn more. But the story line was so messed up!!!!! “He’s alive,” she tells Tim in a flat, affectless voice. Molly is highly intelligent academically and will always beat you in tests. Molly stares into the camera, a woman undone, with bleary eyes close to the color of the red REC icon tucked away in the top right of the screen. Sadly, her life was troubled before that. “What if they don’t work?” Tim asks. Sinister: It’s like hell’s version of Where’s Waldo, Book Review: Suffer the Children (Spoiler Free), Book Review: This Savage Song (SPOILER FREE). This tumblelog is powered by Tumblr, and was designed by Bill Israel. Awful in the best way. One more thing, was the album of pics the thing that led to the demonic possession and why did Molly cover the faces with a horse??? It’s the same sort of tearful, emotional, one-on-one-with-the-camera breakdown made famous in 1999’s The Blair Witch Project, where documentarian Heather apologizes for dragging her cohorts into certain doom. Skip to main content. It’s an unpleasant film, riddled with open, still-bleeding wounds of trauma. Ryan M Super Reviewer. Good movie, it’s got a good balance of horror/gore/and thriller. Gretchen Lodge is excellent in the central role. The preacher’s defiling and death – I think is bc the dad became some kind of demon (there is one with a horse head.) ( Log Out /  I was not familiar with anything else Johnny had done. “Show yourself!” Molly screams to the empty air, demanding her dead father make his presence known to her husband. “Whatever happened,” she says in a quivering voice, “it wasn’t me.” She produces a knife from off camera, pressing the blade up tight to her throat before pulling it away. 1 talking about this. Wonderful movie one of my favorites. She would have not been able to return to the house that easily. I felt like, there was something obvious going on that I apparently missed. I am guessing dead, but who the hell knows. ( Log Out /  Latest feature from Haxan Films, Court Five and Eduardo Sanchez So, that’s a good thing. Synonym Discussion of lovely. Now, if you want to watch the movie before I talk spoilers, do so now. If the house is cleaned out and brought up for sale…. Lovely Molly: Eduardo Sanchez And Jamie Nash Discuss The Meaning Behind Crying In The Closet Some image caption 1 Lovely Molly: Is It Real? Another significant contributing factor is the soundtrack. OMG, the sound is AMAZING. I promise that I do normally do not have to have all the loose ends tied up in movies. Well, watch the movie. I watched this movie and have no idea what was going on! Lovely Molly is a 2012 horror film directed by Eduardo Sánchez. But its blurred line between supernatural horror and mental illness is equally compelling. What I throught what may have been happening is a psychotic break she was already a fragile person with what she endured as a child because of her dad the one man that was supposed to love a and protect make feel safe instead sexually abused her then I rekon shes caught her husband before hand having an affair and that what starts it all cause she’s been let down by man she loves and whose supposed to love make her feel safe and protected and again so she created this kind of monster that she believe was real try make sense of all cause she can’t face reality And is that why Molly dragged home a deer carcass to stick in the ceiling of the cellar and stab repeatedly? ( Log Out /  !I'm so lovely! Lovely Molly toys with its audience this way. Lizzie Higgins sings Lovely Molly I once was a ploughboy but a soldier I'm now. Aunner in Philadelphia around 1830 and later in New York City by Kennedy. How to use molly in a sentence. This film did not benefit from the same “is it real?” hype that lifted Blair Witch and it takes a different approach to fear, using its slow, cerebral sense of dread to explore mental illness.

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