Bluebell International LLC is a private money lender for large commercial property projects, solar farms, wind farms, cannabis production, asset based lending, and equity participation. (949) 204-5111;; Bluebell Int'l., LLC., Hello!I am Odey Pius,A business driven man from Nigeria. HAI,AM A ZAMBIAN AND AM REQUESTING FOR A LOAN OF $2000 TO INJECT INTO POULTRY ,PHONE ACCESSORIES AND GROCERY. Therefore, if you are looking for Lease/Rent Bank Guarantees, SBLC, DLC, L/C or loans and project funding then you have come to the right place. So how do you go about finding one to work with? You don’t even have to limit your search to lenders in your immediate area. Simple and fast Business loans. Private lenders are by definition private individuals that loan money for personal loans often acting as international money lenders who provide with cross-border … Private lending institutions offer a wide variety of financial products that might be considered an alternative to other loan lenders. or Change ). For lenders, achievement of higher rates than with classical bank deposits. Our personal loans are available for a variety of life’s moments whether it be a renovation project at home, buying a new car, or finally booking that dream holiday. Our loans typically mature in 3-4 years. But you may have assumed until recently that you had to choose a lender in the same country. Learn more about the type of international loans offered. Distinguish private lender personal loans from other types of loans. We Are a Genuine Finance Company That Is Legally Registered inSok Channy Financial Services Ltd (SCFS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of SCF. SOK CHANNY FINANCIAL SERVICE LTD are lease sblc providers. Private loans from friends and family members is the most traditional way for private lending this option is now existing for centuries and is probably the trustiest one for lender and borrower. Here is some common reasons that people apply: Car loans; Home improvement loans; Consolidation loans; Wedding loans; Holiday loans We can obtain finance if you are looking to buy or already own an overseas property. For small loans credit quality of the borrower is not crucial. A private loan is normally dedicated to specific borrowers who are facing obstacles when asking banks for classical loans. var sc_invisible=0; A hard money lender on at the time made a $3 million loan on a $20 million free-and-clear golf course and residential subdivision in Mexico. There are two main types of personal loans – secured and unsecured loans. We’re wondering if you could help us provide Working Capital and Finances for our Multi Unit Investment portfolio we like to acquire in the $20 Million US range. var scJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? Loan application process is generally less complex and quick. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. A private shop or loan company is by definition an agency who grant a private loan to individuals and business people either on their own account of for other private investors. DEFINITION OF PRIVATE BORROWING OR PRIVATE LAON, Private borrowing is defined as a financial transaction between a private lender and a private borrower, with the first party lending money to the second party without involving a bank. From the exorbitant rentals to sky-high private tuition fees, getting emergency cash may be challenging without support from family and friends. The lender can take a loss if the loan is not repaid. At IPF (International Private Finance) we pride ourselves in our expertise in broking international mortgages. Investors sometimes use a private money loan, also known as a hard money loan, to purchase a property before refinancing to a long-term conventional mortgage.Investors who don’t qualify for conventional mortgages also may seek out private money loans… We are leading providers of Personal Loan, Business Loans, SME Loan, Investment Loan, secured loan, unsecured loans and International Project Financing. Thanks to you will find as borrower new opportunities to obtain a loan and as investor to obtain a better return without using a bank. We have the right types of international loans to cover your personal needs. Having cultivated many professional connections with lenders and organisations we can ensure that you find the right loan for your needs, with the repayment schedule and rates that suit your financial situation. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! SBLC, DLC, L/C or loans and project funding, unsecured loans and International Project Financing. Christian private lenders personal loans can confidentially and quickly provide a consumer with the cash needed for his or her personal financial situation. i want a investor who is having a capacity of 2-3cr on sharing basis or by other method as mutually aggred, i need a personal loan. Apply for a private personal loan with low CIBIL - minimum CIBIL score of 600. "); ( Log Out /  Worldwide loan brokers and agencies are playing an intermediary role between an overseas bank and a borrower who is looking for a loan from abroad. document.write("
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