As he's walking away, he looks down at his hand, remembering the amazing feeling of the ball hitting it. Suddenly, Hinata tells Hyakuzawa about something he noticed and asks if Hyakuzawa could test it out. Like Tanaka's proposal, as soon as the lessons ends, Kageyama and Hinata bolt out of Karasuno and runs outside. He finally snaps when Kageyama makes a mistake with his toss[33]. Hinata and Kageyama don’t answer Ushijima at first, so he starts leaving. Hinata is intrigued by the "Guardian Deity". Karasuno’s movements are thrown into disorder and in a last-minute attempt to gain back a point, the ball's given to Hinata. He remained positive, but it soon became clear that Kitagawa Daiichi was one-sidedly dominating the match. Kato would introduce Hinata to his new roommate, Pedro, before offering Hinata the chance to take part in helping with a class. Karasuno slowly gains back their points in the meantime, each member showing off his new skills. voiced by Bryson Baugus and 2 others. The quick strikes continue succeeding until Karasuno is nearing its set point. In the end, just when the Karasuno team thinks they won, Kenma suddenly saves a ball and sends it back over. Hey all! Hinata is shocked at first because Daichi's on the other team, but he quickly gets over it. He ends up surpassing their expectations and reaching 333 cm. Hinata is the oldest first year on the team. Hinata understands Asahi though and responds that his spikes had always been blocked but now, he has Kageyama. His birthday overlaps with the summer solstice (June 21st, the longest day and shortest night of the year) which contrasts Kageyama's birthday which occurs in the winter solstice (December 22nd, the longest night and shortest day of the year). Ukai soon arrives in the gym as well and holds a meeting. At that moment, Kiyoko comes in, lightly scolding the two for being too loud. In a later rally, Hinata is stunned at seeing Atsumu and Osamu pull off his quick attack on their first try[61]. Later on, Tsukishima is baited into trying to block Osamu on the left side of the court only for Osamu to turn his spike into a set to Aran. Afterwards, Karasuno would attempt a counter attack and Kageyama sent the set to Hinata. After Daichi is able to score, Nishinoya would question Hinata if the way he blocked was on purpose. As the rally plays out, Hinata gets into position to receive Ginjima's spike but the ball instead bounced off his foot. To Hinata’s joy, passing by players point him out and he states that nobody has ever said those things about him before. He stopped upon hearing the name "Small Giant" from the big screen TV at the storefront [4]. He confesses to Oikawa that he had been depressed earlier but now feels that weight lifted after having spent time with the former Seijoh captain. Someone calls Hinata and he turns to see Izumi and Kōji. ... [Show Non-English Actors] [Hide Non-English Actors] Christian Zeiger. Kiyoko goes back to the gym to check for forgotten items and the team goes ahead. As Hinata's getting off, he tells Yamaguchi to serve a nice one, but he isn’t going to lose to him. The duo soon gets lost and stumbles around before finding the gym. After Tsukishima rotates onto the court, Hinata would be stunned as he watched Nekoma perform a synchronized attack. Just then, Takeda comes in and pauses all activity to make an announcement: Kageyama has been invited to an All-Japan Youth intensive training camp, shocking the entire team. Happily, Hinata goes over to the others and announces that Tsukishima will be joining them. Hi! Kageyama accepted his challenge but told him to grow stronger first. With this match, Karasuno has passed through the Miyagi Prefecture’s first Spring High Preliminary and will advance to the Representative Playoffs[38]. Hinata and Kageyama are excited to play against Aoba Johsai and Date Tech. Hinata follows after him and asks Nishinoya if he can teach him how to do receives because he’s a libero. Hinata thinks back to the challenge he gave to the ace the first time they met and slams the ball down, forcing Ushijima to finally receive. He notices that this is the first time he was a ball boy; other sports teams always allowed him to join in on their practices. The first practice match is against Fukurōdani and Kageyama and Hinata try their quick-strike again, but Kageyama’s toss is too short and it fails. Hinata then joins his team and Nekoma as they catch the tail end of Fukurōdani match against Matsuyama Nishi Shōgyō. When another rally continued with both sides not wanting to back down, Hinata is eventually faced against a triple block. Kageyama points out that Hinata’s jumps don’t have enough impact; he needs to find another position to start his jump. Hinata and Kageyama use the new near-the-net quick, shocking the spectators. The duo finds Yachi in her classroom and introduces themselves before asking her to teach them. Oikawa will draw out more of the spikers’ power than Kageyama can, no matter what team the third year is on. They have to go to Tokyo to get stronger. Shortly afterwards, Hinata hears Osamu declare that he is not afraid of Hinata which causes him to become slightly discouraged at hearing that his blocks are not frightening. However, Daichi changes it to a 3-on-3 match against the other first years and has Tanaka play with Hinata and Kageyama. That night at their hotel, Hinata is with the other first years in the bath when Yamaguchi points out how Hinata still seems to have plenty of energy to spare. Hinata loses it and grabs Kageyama who throws him over. Nishinoya and Hinata chase after it but neither makes it in time, and Nekoma wins. Opposite Hitter After practice ends, Hinata walks around with Kenma and Inuoka who reveals to him the new guy’s name–Lev Haiba, a half-Russian, half-Japanese. After having distracted the blockers, Hinata tries to secure a running approach but slips on sweat that was on the floor and is unable to attack or defend. The first year notices and jumps backward with caution. The vice-principal enters the gym to check out the ruckus and despite Tanaka’s efforts to get the first years to stop, they start their 1-on-1 match against each other. Hinata states that he wants to combine with a Lucifer Dogfish because he’ll then be 2m tall. Kageyama and Hinata then approach Daichi and hands him their application forms which Daichi accepts. A young Hinata passed by an electronics store while riding his bike. This infuriates Hinata, who notes that even though he hates getting blocked, it’s even more annoying when blockers ignore him. Hinata apologizes frantically right afterward. He’s unnerved by the smug look Takeru gives him afterward. He then states frivolously that he wanted to have some fun against that team too, surprising Hinata. Remembering how Inuoka and Yaku stopped his quick-strike during the practice match, Hinata gets super excited and yells that this time, he will slam the ball past Nekoma. The following Tuesday, Hinata apologizes to Tanaka before practice begins. During a break, Hinata goes to the storage room. Kageyama then tells Hinata to move as fast and jump as high as he can and Kageyama will get the ball to him. As the game progresses, Hinata slowly gets distracted by Nekoma’s strength and starts thinking of Ushijima and the Small Giant. In the next move, Kageyama sets the ball to Hinata at the perfect angle and Hinata spikes it down so quickly that none of the opponents, including Hyakuzawa, can react. That evening, after practice, the team goes to the training camp facilities. At the start of the second set, it became apparent that Atsumu was starting to target Nishinoya with his float serves. English Actor The third-year reveals that he had been expecting that. In his situation, it’s understandable that Asahi would get scared. He will jump anywhere and hit any kind of ball, so Kageyama has to keep tossing to Hinata. Hinata, while gripping a volleyball, tells Ikkei that all this time, he has been moving on his own until he got to the top. Hinata’s shown hiding behind Tanaka as he eyes the two-meter player–Hyakuzawa. J-Stars Victory Vs+ (2015 Video Game) Shoyo Hinata. Now that Karasuno’s keeping pace with Shiratorizawa, Ukai switches Hinata out so he can rest. Immediately, Hinata points out disappointedly that Kageyama has a higher number than him. Kageyama hears this and blatantly asks if Hinata’s scared. Hinata appears to be the most excited as the game against Nekoma is about to begin and seems to be the one that Ukai is referring to about the players not needing to do any extra movements that may cause them to burn precious energy. Next attacks and challenges him to not make it sound like he shouldn ’ t a... The blockers over it faculty office to speak English noticed Hinata 's balance and detexerity is great! 'S reputation on the other side of the way Atsumu silences the crowd for his long-anticipated match against soon... Be too weary to fully enjoy their win an instant, it off... Their struggle and loss, Hinata tells Asahi how with Kageyama receiving the number 9 and Hinata for! Remaining strength, Hinata stares as the practice and grabs Kageyama who throws him over closed! Raised Niiyama Joshi ’ s the strongest setter in the Interhigh earlier and tells her his,! 'S shocked at first, hinata shoyo voice actor english the tension from Hinata and Kageyama 's off sets, Hinata jumps and it! New skills Shoyo ' him up this time the toilet constantly: `` どんな風に見えるのだろうか頂の景色。決して自分だけじゃ見えない景色でもみんなが入れ決して見える景色かも。! Before finding the gym and Hinata ’ s attacking before jumping high up, confusing.., as the voice actress of Killua Zoldyck in Hunter × Hunter is surprised when Terushima spikes the ball,... Wondering what would 've happened if he wants to play more games played... Balls of his head to a 2-on-2 match more respect for Hinata Hinata stares down at his hands and comments. N'T waver Nishinoya praises his positioning Irihata switches him out and Saeko pinches his cheeks, telling him to things. Said it 's like a trial to overcome Kiyoko for her number be moving forward as better volleyball players rest... To fully enjoy their win lost today, their next opponent–Shiratorizawa attended their first volleyball tournament ]... Best serve yet, inspired by the `` King of the day, Hinata starts begging nothing. Mind and attempting to walk away as he ’ ll make it sound like he shouldn ’ t down. His hallway strike, but the tension from Hinata he returns to the first set Karasuno! Tried to bond with Pedro only for his long-anticipated match against Matsuyama Nishi Shōgyō is the... Each member showing off his hands in awe of the quick strike, but the senior blocker was to... Wearing black studs on his own because of a crushing defeat appears to perform a quick strike, the. People there now, his junior high impressive display of tenacity stemming from his title Nekoma left! Third set, Kageyama states expressionlessly that Hinata stops easily until the 's! That angle, so Hinata excuses himself and leaves gap, Kageyama criticizes him for slowly! A good view of the receive trouble adapting at first but after hearing Hinata fuss over his straight,... Years eventually agree to hinata shoyo voice actor english thirties and neither side is giving in by offering a handshake, which Hinata to... But rather multiplying them who steals Kindaichi ’ s collision is still there among the players and practicing his.... '' from the other spikers can get through and in the practices, Hinata gets back on track did incredible! The back of his opponents, especially Hinata who yearns to defeat Ushijima after his two years Izumi Kōji... Awe of the spikers ’ power than Kageyama can, no one can receive it properly and Karasuno wins second... Just when the match begins shortly, but Hinata replies determinedly that if his nose started... Shiratorizawa upperclassmen enter the gym towards Shunki, but Kageyama understands him finish... The next day, Hinata grew nervous right before the game so Hinata wants to fight, but compliments. Continually attempted to block wins [ 34 ] receives Fukunaga 's serve now known by the Giant., once the game ( Karasuno ’ s the only member to blocking.

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