Jack’s Rake starts as a trough which is often wet but has positive holds, although there are frequent alternative (and often better) holds on the more exposed left side of the trough. This is the narrowest part of Jack's Rake to negotiate. Hannah follows and gets stuck. Having proved himself more than competent in the fells on previous hikes we decided to tackle the 'Jacks Rake' route on Pavey Ark. In the first one Spud has to reach up then lift himself over the boulders on the final gap of the rake. Rock Scrambling on Jack’s Rake. We find a spot that is sheltered from the cold wind and have lunch. I do manage to find a section to satisfy our newly discovered crag-rat, but it proves to difficult without proper climbing gear, and I doubt whether Hannah would have got up it anyway. August last year saw me and the kids out on a little scrambling adventure in the Lake District. Available for pub gigs, festivals, weddings and parties - either as a band performance or as a ceilidh band with caller. Jack’s Rake The way ahead is now plainly obvious and will either delight or intimidate depending on your particular bent. Coupons for our fund raising offer are worth 20% of the print cost. The 1st 70m are the hardest though there are plenty of handholds. Please respect this and do not copy any text or download any images, please contact us first. There are one or two parts that feel very exposed and I found myself clinging to the rocks at these parts and scuttling past to get to easier ground. Maybe I did once, in the dim and distant past. A 13 year old young man, in a school party under adult supervision, was ascending 'Jacks Rake' when he slipped and fell 150 feet onto the rocks below. The first section of the walk, up to Stickle tarn, is steep but on a good path with plenty of scenic interest along the way. The final section requires more use of the arms as there are some larger boulders that you must lift yourself over. br>ALL the profits from each sale will go towards Tearfund's No Child Taken Campaign. ““Jacks Rake” a superb folk band played throughout the afternoon for us and it was amazing to see some of the residents up and dancing away to the beautiful music.” Hallamshire Care Home “Great sounds good relaxed sympathetic playing you get the sense that you … Oh dear, what have we let ourselves in for. Just like riding a bike, all my mountaineering experiences come flooding back. Whilst the climbing further up is easier it does feel more exposed. br>How cool is that! I climb out onto the edge. She is obviously enjoying this, as we all are. This is extremely exposed and would not be a place to linger in cloud or rain as the drop to my left is severe. Jack’s Rake is a Grade 1 scramble and should only be attempted by those who are experienced and have a head for heights. He had attempted Jack’s Rake with a friend a few weeks ago, but they had only got halfway before his companion’s nerve cracked and they made a rapid descent. The Rake is classed as a grade 1 scramble and it does involve regular use of your arms to pull you up to some of the steeper parts of the ascent. In the final one I simply have to make a small leap and grab the top of the boulder with my hand before hauling myself up. The classic traverse, to the start of the climb, goes around the left of Stickle Tarn, but we follow the track on the right. Climbing the upper section of Jacks Rake. Summary: Jack's Rake is classed as a grade 1 scramble and it does involve regular use of your arms to pull you up to some of the steeper parts of the ascent. I had forgotten how long it takes when scrambling, especially with a rope. He sustained multiple injuries including a fractured skull and a pneumo/haemothorax. A good indication that the Rake would be do-able as an early season “summer” scramble rather than a winter climb. Jack's Rake is classed as a grade 1 scramble and it does involve regular use of your arms to pull you up to some of the steeper parts of the ascent. "Note: Jack's Rake is more a scramble than a walk and should not be underestimated. br>You will also receive news of all our latest walks directly to your inbox. Created: May 30, 2017 markhallam. The scramble begins to tax your arms more from now on as you will need to drag yourself up areas such as the one Deke is pointing out in the photograph above. Susannah Cox, 37, of Lancaster, died after falling from Jack’s Rake, a rocky scramble across Pavey Ark, in Great Langdale – less than a week after Howard Gladwyn, of Ilkley, took a tumble from the exposed … Fallen sheep on Jacks Rake It is also worth pointing out that in addition to risk of falling off Jack’s Rake there is the risk of things falling onto it. SPECIAL FUND RAISING OFFER: 20% Off Prints, Subscribe to our FREE newsletter and receive a coupon to purchase a discounted photographic print from our walks. The rake starts as it means to go on with a steep groove/chimney on excellent (if extremely polished) holds though surprisingly little exposure as a comforting parapet effectively conceals the drop to the left. All I could do on this section was slip down to a previous foothold. After the Rowan tree the reassuring groove peters away and you are certainly more exposed now. It’s better, Mark told me. Text relating to the walks and images of mountains and landscapes on this website are the copyright of ©Eric Whitehead. There are also some places that are extremely exposed so a head for heights is certainly required. Our Promise: we'll never share or sell your email address, and you can opt out at any time. Jack’s Rake is a popular Grade 1 scramble in the Lake District – but it’s by no means an easy proposition. After this we were up and Jack's Rake was done. This picture is from the top of Pavey Ark, one of the Langdale Pikes. I remember going up Jack's Rake about 30 years ago and someone ahead of us had their Springer Spaniel ahead of them, and it got stuck in the groove. by Eric Whitehead | May 30, 2015 | Wainwrights Walks | 0 comments. Jack's Rake. This is nowhere near as extreme, but even so, I clip Hannah onto the rope again, climb the groove, and look for position to belay. JACK'S RAKE. A tricky boulder move (easier for long legged walkers) near the top makes this harder than North Rake. Pavey Ark is a popular climbing crag, so awareness of other people is hugely important. Follow me on this climb and you should gain a good idea of what to expect when you do the climb yourself. There’s only one exposed section about 2/3rds of the way up which is very easy, but it has a real atmosphere of climbing a mountain by the hardest route. Your email address will not be published. Successful wave after climbing Jack’s Rake on Pavey Ark. Men in Black on Pavey Ark after climbing Jack’s Rake. Physically I would say this first section up to the Rowan Tree is the most demanding, but you feel the least exposed.

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